What is podiatry?

Podiatry: medical care for your feet

Always good on foot, active, without discomfort … that’s how you want your everyday life? Then you have come to the right place in my podiatry practice in Basel. But what does podiatry actually mean?

The meaning is derived from the Greek (podos = foot, logos = teaching). Podology describes the non-medical medicine on the foot and thus stands out from cosmetic foot care. Due to the Podiatry Act (PodG), the profession of podiatrist is defined as a medical profession and not as a medical health profession. As a rule, podiatrists work together with the health insurance companies, as podiatry treatments are often prescribed by a doctor, for example for diabetics (“diabetic foot”).


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What podiatry can do for you

With regular, professional foot care, numerous foot problems can be treated successfully. These include corns, nail fungus, calluses, calluses, cracks and ingrown toenails.

In my specialist podiatry practice in Basel, I offer you a comprehensive range of services and specifically address your individual complaints. Therefore, every therapy is preceded by a detailed consultation.

Risk patients such as rheumatics, hemophiliacs or diabetics are treated and cared for by me in a targeted manner. Here, treatment is always carried out in close consultation with the treating diabetologist, dermatologist, rheumatologist and orthopedist. Even sensitive children’s feet are in the best hands with me, because podiatry requires special treatment methods and a lot of caution, especially with the little ones, in order not to risk any lasting damage.

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